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Announcing my first book

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

After giving my manuscript to multiple people (outside of my clearly biased family) to see if my writing was even any good, I was encouraged by most of them to seek publication. So, I finally took the plunge and published my first book!

While I realize that this is old news to many of you, I decided that I needed to make it website official!

My book is called Escape From Moria. It is Christian Science Fiction and is the first in a series. It is set in another solar system where humanity has fled after Earth’s population had been decimated by famine and the Earth itself had been ravaged by war. I had originally planned on three books, but the more I wrote, the more I realized that three books would not be enough to contain all the stories about this solar system and its people.

Escape From Moria book cover. Woman's silhouette on cliff overlooking darkened valley with forest and pink mist and two moons in the night sky.

Here is the back-cover text for Escape From Moria:

The Princess of Moria is on the run. Faced with an impending arranged marriage to an evil man, she has chosen to disguise herself as a miner’s daughter named Ellie and flee. Unfortunately, the only way for a woman to leave the planet is in the company of her male kin or a husband. Ellie pays a drunken off-worlder to marry her with the agreement that she will leave his ship the first chance she gets. Forced to rely on her resentful new husband amidst a hostile crew, Ellie embarks on her daring escape from Moria.

Ellie’s goal is to find the Talmidim, an underground rebellion intent on overthrowing the Conglomerate’s control over the population of the entire solar system. The Talmidim are convinced that duplicating Ellie’s genetically-adapted marker is key to winning the war against the Conglomerate.

The only thing Ellie must do is escape the planet and find the Talmidim but doing so is proving harder than she imagined. Faced with marauders and plague-ridden creatures, will Ellie even survive the trip?

What will Ellie do if she can’t find the Talmidim before someone discovers that she isn’t a miner’s daughter? What will her tyrant father do if he finds her with the crew of the Ulysses? And what will Ellie decide is more important, protecting her budding romance or revealing her identity to save her entire crew?

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